Occupational Health

Provision of Hepatitis B vaccination for Occupational Health

 The Roborough Surgery Practice is able to offer this as a non-NHS service provided that:

1. The employer has undertaken a full Occupational Health Risk Assessment. Under Health and Safety legislation, it is the employer who has responsibility for undertaking the risk assessment and taking action as appropriate. It is therefore the employer’s duty, rather than the GP’s responsibility to ensure that an ‘at risk’ employee has been appropriately vaccinated.

2. Where the risk assessment reveals a risk of Hepatitis B, the employer has a duty to act and should make arrangements with a suitable qualified medical service to meet the relevant obligations. This practice is not aware of the situation and hazards within your workplace and does not have the occupational expertise to advise on such risks.

3. The employer meets the full cost of the vaccination(s) and blood tests before any vaccination is administered by the practice. Please note that vaccinations will not be purchased until full payment has been made.

4. The employer takes full responsibility for their employee completing the full course of vaccinations and any subsequent test(s).

To download the forms you need your employer to complete before your appointment at the surgery click on the link below:

Provision of Hep B vacc for Occupational Health.pdf