Thank you for using AccuRx Patient Triage

We are currently accepting these Monday to Friday 8am – 12:45pm.
Please help us to help you by choosing the Patient Triage option relating to your request – either medical or admin.
When choosing medical it is important to state how long you have had your symptoms and what your expected outcome is. Remember this is a consultation with a Clinician and should be used when home remedies, Community Pharmacy advice etc have not resolved your problem and time has been given to allow self-limiting conditions to improve. We find multiple or repetitive Patient Triage requests are unhelpful and suggest a telephone appointment is more appropriate.

Please add clear photographs if relevant, these add important and useful information.
We will acknowledge receipt of your Patient Triage request within the time specified and give a definitive response within a time frame considered appropriate by the receiving Clinician; this may be by text message, email or telephone, sometimes to arrange a future face to face or telephone appointment.

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