Thank you for using AccuRx Patient Triage

We are currently accepting these Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm.
Please help us to help you by choosing the Patient Triage option relating to your request – either medical or administration. 

When choosing 'Medical': This is an ELECTRONIC consultation so please use this service if you would expect that your condition can be managed by a text message response with advice or a prescription to help you manage your symptoms etc. 

If you think you will need a telephone response or a face-to-face appointment with a Clinician then please telephone Reception to organise this INSTEAD of using this service. 

Please state clearly all your symptoms and how long you have had them. 

Please add clear photographs if relevant; these add useful and important information. 

We will acknowledge your request within the time specified and give a definitive response within a time frame considered appropriate by the receiving Clinician; this may be by text message, telephone or by arranging a face-to-face appointment.


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