Clinics We Offer


Antenatal Care

Appointments are included in routine surgery appointments, and our midwife, holds clinics on Monday mornings for your 1st ante natal booking appointment and Thursday 09:30 - 16:00 for follow-up ante natal appointments. Community Midwifery

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Asthma & COPD Clinic

We have dedicated clinics for patients that suffer from Asthma/COPD.

For more information on inhaler techniques follow this link Inhaler Techniques.


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Blood Pressure

Getting a blood pressure test 

Blood Pressure Monitors are easily available for around £25 from your local pharmacy. Please use the form below to record and advise the surgery of your readings. 

If you are unable to take these readings yourself, one of our Health Care Assistants will be able to take the readings for you at the surgery.


Cervical Screening

Carried out as part of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme.

For more information go to NHS Cervical Screening Programme



All doctors and practice nurses are available to provide contraceptive advice during normal surgery hours.




Diabetes Care - we have dedicated clinics for the care of our diabetic patients. See our dedicated diabetes page.

Pre-diabetes Care - annual blood test required. See our dedicated pre-diabetes page.


For more information click here  


Ear Care

There are many providers who can offer ear care outside of the NHS. For those patients who are unable to use a non-NHS provider, we offer a clinic once month for ear care and syringing with our Health Care Assistants. 

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Immunisations & Vaccinations

Flu-Vaccination - undertaken every autumn/winter.

Child Immunisation - as part of the national programme. information about the schedules for different child vaccinations can be found on the NHS website 


Learning Disability Reviews

We give our patients who have learning disabilities a full healthcare review once a year along with any helper or carer they have to ensure that their general health and wellbeing is monitored.

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Minor Operations

The doctors perform minor surgery to deal with conditions such as small lumps, cysts, moles etc.

All operations are carried out in a suitably equipped treatment room.


Quit smoking

Ready to quit smoking? We can give advice and supervise drug treatment to support this worthwhile task.

Ask about our Smoking Cessation Clinics! More information is available from OneYou Plymouth


Warfarin Monitoring

We supervise treatment with warfarin and other anticoagulants.

You can have your blood taken at the surgery and receive resulting dosage instructions from the surgery. Information on warfarin monitoring